The main problem with someone like me is that I don’t have automatic feedback loop. I keep forgetting what I thought aka, I don’t remember my lessons. I rely heavily on notes to remind me.
This is one point, where I can gather at one quick stop, all of my life.

How I visualise my life:

Family: I still want to have family. I hope to have kids someday when I can afford them. And I do hope they have high IQ, high EQ, physically able, fulfilled, happy, resourceful, problem solvers and achievers.

I want a good supportive genuine fulfilled happy family.

this way, I must remember, better to keep relationships that be right. Be nice, attract friends with honey. I must set the right boundaries (with the right style of communication), set trust…

Money: I want to accumulate 30M net assets. One day.. one day.. I do have a plan, but atm, one day … first project first. Built a KDR.

I want to have multiple streams of incomes (to have one day a 300K pa incomes):

  • salary – I must be really2 good, earn trust, be extremely capable to produce good results, write well, and work extremely well with people so that I can earn apprx 150K pa salary income.
  • trading – currency – I seek profits, so unless it is a sure profit, I won’t enter. Even if the profit will be small but it sure, I will enter it. I won’t risk too much of my money. A good 20% – 30% ROI pa is good enough for me.
  • trading – stock medium term – I seek 25% pa ROI on my cyclical stocks. 
  • dividend incomes from long term blue chip stocks investments – I hope for good capital growth, steady dividends in this. 
  • side hustles – whatever it is: survey, blog, eBay, etc. – I don’t know it yet. A good income to supplement myki ie 200pcm is good atm. I cannot think about eBay yet.

Career: I want to be at least 3 levels up, in a technical area not in a management area preferably.

I do not mind really to have 1 more advanced qualification. as long as it is funded by my employer.

Physique: I want to be healthy, lean and toned – start 7 – 3 work routine again so that I can get 1/2 exercise per day again.