Trading rant

I would encourage any traders to rant their hearts out in WordPress.


Firstly, no one, not your friend, not other trader, not your family would want to listen fully (until your heart is poured out) on how the pips move from x to a to z – chased stop losses.

Secondly, in order to enter the next trade unemotionally, & crystal clear analytical mind, one has to cleanse themselves out the muddy emotions from the good, bad and so-so trades.

Lastly, in absence of a listening ear to pour oneself out and still the need to pour it out, so that the next trade can be entered perfectly, one would better write it (the trade’s emotions) out.

Why WordPress?

Where else who offers these qualities:

It is simple (your time is better spent on trading related items).

It’s relatively pleasing in the eye – I always look for a journal that is pleasing to the eyes. It soothes better. It also makes happiness to increase ten-fold.

It is easy to navigate; again your time is much better spent navigating on how to profit consistently.

It is relatively cheap – around U$10 pcm – peanut in comparison to good trade profits.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

A good rest – no signals – should be taken in gratefully.

A busy night – black swans eg HK – should be taken in gratefully.

A lull – zig zaging signals – should be taken in gratefully, this means avoid entering into a trade! avoid losses! time for zz, day dream, exercise, which otherwise would’ve got to be squeezed in.

Monday 26 July 2021

It was an excellent decision that I chose to I relax on Sunday. I prepped thoroughly – I jotted down and remembered all of my trading notes. I also set automated orders first thing at 8am before work, and then had my stomach filled with good food.

Decided to finish work early, to catch the break out trades that I had been eyeing since 1-2 weeks ago – DAX, & another one, since 1 – 2 months ago – HANG SENG! It was good, that HANG SENG trade was before dinner. As it moved at UK opens, it moved with more force. And another good thing, I was still fuelled with food, otherwise I would be hangry if it moved like last week – 5.30 after announcement.

Good things that most indices move with force in UK time and US time. In Asian & Australian time, they all go to sleep zzzzz.

Having good notes way pre trades – 1 day 1 week 1 month before, for these kinds of trades – is very good. It made me feel prepared because I know know the stuffs.

GAH after hours is still so busy. I wish I can trade full time! Have AM to relax, to prepare charts, exercise, prepare food, tidy things up, catch up with friends (other traders/entrepreneurs), etc. Trade starts at around UK time, 5PM then busy busy busy till late. But up early because must close at US peak – 4am ish, then re-order for AU time. I really2 wish I can (because I choose to) trade full time. This way I can focus too, not having to split my concentration – time blocks.

9pm – It’s only Monday, and I’m already tired. Not keen to wake up at 4am and then do record keeping at 6am, in order to start work at 7am ish.

Week ending 23 July 2021

It’s been one of the best trading week and most tiring trading week.

DAX and Hang Seng broke out!

Dax has been per my strategy plus broke out strategy! What a wait! What a trade! I should have doubled this kind of trade – it is a rare one.

Hang Seng! Crazy! Wasn’t paying attention to this one, because whole focus has been waiting for DAX to break out. And suddenly I received 2x messages re: CHINAH and I picked up my last week’s Hang Seng note. Luckily I kept all of them for a moment’s notice. And it did break out!

But typical Hang Seng – pesky wicks!!!! I really should be more generous with SL with Hang Seng otherwise P is gone because of stupid wicks!

Anyway, finally my blog is done. I have prepared my notes for next week’s trades. All orders are in. Most likely will be executed in UK’s time.

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