Trading journal

25 July 2021 A week full of econ data releases – GER, US, AU and HK, especially US. I will stay out of trading for US as per my strategy. I will however be ready to buy up dips. I will focus on DAX and HK – continuing on my last weeks broke out trades on DAX and HK. I also am continuing to refine my routine –
  • trades are automatic
  • they mostly are executed in UK opens 
  • for HK, are in HK second session 
  • Japan’s time (work hours) is too volatile to my liking
I also am continuing to better my pscyhe –
  • I refine my trades’ entries, exit and profit taking
I know know I must protect it – from my family – in order for it to succeed (Sara Blakely).

Many say, study the history, and review and learn.

The following points are actual snippets from my trading journal

  • Only trade when there is a definite signal
  • Keep a crystal clear and an unemotional (unperturbed) mind when;
    • analysing chart
    • entering and
    • exiting
  • It is definitely manipulated
  • I am very good with predicting entry and exit based on TA and analysis of market movement
  • I am also good with money and risk management – it is all about accumulating money.
  • SL is definitely chased – be smart about it
  • I want to be sure (100% certainty) that I will profit when entering
  • Monitor at entry and exit, my preference is manual (regardless of auto order)
  • Always trade following the long term trend
  • Always be ready to trade at the right market sessions
    • London time
    • Close all trades before peak NY time
  • Know know know my chart
    • end of day and weekend: do my chart, my prep and my review
  • Taking profit too early is fine, it is still a profit
    • small things surely and regularly will add up
    • forego too little profit
    • profit is still a profit
  • Keep it away from unsupportive people
  • Learn to trade long term trades (1000+ pips)
  • RM (risk management) is important
  • MM (money management) is important
  • Choose your broker carefully
  • Learn from others constantly
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