Budget with 80% savings rate

2020 Update

I have a system so I save time from tracking budget.

My time is precious so I would rather to use it for something else.

Regardless, it (my budget) is so automatic that it cannot be helped that I achieve 80+% savings each pay cycle.

Review back then was done because I love seeing my goal being achieved.


2018 Budget Review

I love reviewing my budget quickly @ the end of every week on a Sunday.

Let’s see how I have done in this 1 week. I am pretty happy that I am under budget by $61 per week. I will transfer this one into my main HISA that earns 2.8% pa. And then after accumulating, let’s say 10K, I will transfer that into a blue chip medium or long term investments.


Three good things from this week, that made me under budget:

  • I stick to no weekday expenses – and there were no lunch outs with colleagues/friends, which made it easy to stick to no weekday expenses.
  • I chose a relaxing stay at home weekend, which again made it easy to save money.
  • I had a family brunch on Sunday, which did not cost me a cent.

To improve (for next time)

I want to chase that 7am early bird free ticket again. Having 1 train trip for free will bring my myki costs down from $145 a month to $86 a month, that is another $60 per month savings. During winter, it is rather unsafe to go out in the dark, but probably I will start again once it is less dark at around 6.20am.


Let’s see the break down of my budget.

To see the breakdown of my budget VS reality:

  • My monthly budget is:
Myki $36 pw
House bills $38 pw
Mobile $4 pw
PHI $27 pw
Weekends* $100 pw
Weekdays** $0 pw
Total budget $205 pw

*$35 groceries, $50 outing, $15 just in case.

** I bring food (lunch, breakfast, afternoon tea) to work everyday. Weekday spendings are only for: team lunch or coffee, lunch out with colleagues, donations for colleague’s birthday/funeral, etc. I budget nil spending during weekday, so if I have to go to any outing, I will reduce my weekend spending. This tactic works for me, to increase my savings.

*** I have no budget for shopping (clothes, shoes, or other frivolous items) because I stick to my zero spendings on shopping.

I will replace my old items when I need them using funds from being under budget only during end of year sales. Many will be funded from incomes from side hustles. Salaries will go into mortgage and long term investments.


  • And what I have actually spent this week is:
Myki $40 pw
House bills $38 pw
Mobile $4 pw
PHI $27 pw
Weekends* $30 pw
Weekdays $5 pw
Total spent $143.25 pw
Under budget $61 pw


  • On Saturday, for brunch, I cooked fried rice with leftover rice, meat and vegetables.
  • On Saturday night, we had takeaway pizzas.
  • On Sunday brunch, we had a family gathering, which I did not spend anything cent on.
  • On Sunday night, we indulged on indomie goreng (our weekly bad food pact).

*Groceries this week:

Total cost was $60 ($30 per person). We stocked up on:

  • oats
  • milk
  • vegies: bok choy, choy sum, cauliflower
  • fruits: mandarins, tangelos, avocadoes and kiwis
  • a loaf of bread
  • snacks: yoghurt, marie, no sugar dark choc, chips
  • household cleaning products
  • i had leftover meat (chicken & fish) from last week

My eating plan for this week:

  • no eating out during the week (lunch, dinner, breakfast and in between meals).
  • weekday breakfast:
    • oats and milk
    • yoghurt plain, or with chia or oats
  • weekday lunch:
    • mine: salad (tomato, pear and avocado) with fish or boiled egg
  • weekday dinner:
    • cook stir fry veggies (greens and garlic) with plain rice or hainan chicken rice
    • pasta
  • snacks @ work and @ home (I bring half to the office and keep half at home):
    • marie dipped into tea, milk or coffee
    • yoghurt
    • dark chocolate
    • chips
  •  weekend:
    • probably will spend time (and eat out) with overseas visitors
    • but i have nutritious and filling food ready for breakfast and lunches:
      • bread with jam, nutella, egg (boiled or fried), bacon or cheese

Recipe for salad (my lunch):

  • 1 tomato cut up
  • 1 pear cut up
  • 1/2 avocado (sliced)
  • either fish (marinated with a little ground paprika, ground pepper and salt), baked it on the pan at about 100c (preheated oven) for about 1 hour (whilst cleaning kitchen, etc) or 1 or 1.5 hard boiled egg.
  • a pinch of salt and pepper

Recipe for greens:

  • Wash greens thoroughly. Cut up greens (bok choy or choy sum or broccoli, etc). Put the stalk into 1 bowl and the leaves into another. Pat dry them, ensure that they are dry before cooking.
  • Heat up wok.
  • Slice garlic (2 cloves) for about 2 bok choys.
  • Test using a sprinkle of water, if it sizzles,  it means it is hot enough and ready to be used. Pour oil (1 tablespoons) onto it.
  • Put garlic into the wok, and wait for about 1 minute. Keep the heat high.
  • Once it starts to brown a little, put the stalk in, Wait for about 1-2 minutes, and then put the leaves in.
  • Serve it with plain steam rice.



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