2020 update

I have gone thru. so much shits in the past. My surroundings were extremely unhealthy.

I have turned things turned around towards positivities and healthy sanity. Now, I live.

And, I want to live with:

  • abundance of positivities & feeling of fulfilment
  • genuine people who care, love, respect and nourish me (emotionally, mentally, and soulfully), and vice versa
  • a lot of money that I earn, and stuffs that I care and long for (and can now feel deserving)

Me, for a normal person:

  • I am an investor (stock and property – long term & blue chip) who earns 30-50% pa returns on investment on average
  • I am a good trader (stock – short & medium term, forex – UJ, UC, AU, commodity – gold, atm)
  • I am on a FI journey
    • I do not quite believe in a “retire early by the beach/mountain so that I can live off a passive income” movement
    • I believe that I can continue working (not by force but by will because I love creating good things)
  • jack of all trades now – a salaryman, an investor and a trader



What defines me, I am an adult child abused survivor. Day to day, I must learn my lessons… I am overcoming an extremely difficult past (My family is wealthy but full of toxic. And I am turning that around to my advantage.). Although, I have survived, but now, I must thrive.

This is a chronicle of someone who has gone through a lot of extreme shits in life, start a little late in life & because of that, committed to personal and professional development, and is serious about being frugal and building wealth.

I write down my lessons, to remind myself.

Watch your thoughts, they lead to attitudes

Watch your attitudes, they lead to words

Watch your words, they lead to actions

Watch your actions, they lead to habits

Watch your habits, they form your character

Watch your character, it determines your destiny.