Budget Review ~ week ending 29th July 2018 ~ saved 69% of my salary income.

This week, financially, is quite a bad week. I spent sooo much money on socializing with colleague, old friends and new friends.

Luckily,  I have built enough buffers from my previous weeks. So that I still manage to save 69% of my salary income this week.


So that the over budget socialization did not hurt my overall savings.

And I still saved 83% of my salaries overall in the past 3 weeks.

I am still happy with that figure.


Let’s review my actual spendings this week:

Myki 38 pw
House bills $38 pw
Mobile $4 pw
PHI $27 pw
Weekends 40 pw
Weekdays 205 pw
Total spent 351.25 pw
Over budget -$147 pw
Mortgage @ offset 750 pw
Savings no 1 75 pw
Savings no 2 -$51 pw
Salary 1125 pw
Total savings 773.75 pw
Percentage 0.69 pw


Where I fell short:

oversocialization, and it is outside my control. MY husband is just impossible to plan socialization ahead of time. I had planned my reunion with my uni friends, and at the vey last minute he decided to go for outings after outings after outings after outings. My underbudget in normal weeks is to cover this sudden movements.


What to do next week:

  1. NO weekday spending.
  2. Keep weekend spending below $100
  3. If sunrise is around 6.20, try to get in at 7am – the early bird train.



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