To move up in life (promotions, getting more income, etc) you need to up your standard…

At work,

There are two elements to move up.


First is technical proficiency. Your degrees, your technical capabilities, your writing standard, your speaking standard, your capability to manage your cases and  clients (internal and external) must be exceptional. There shouldn’t be any problems at all.


Second is personal, mental, competitions, politics, all the craps …

– never speak too much about your self, including your degree, where you live, whether you have partner or not,

– engage, build rapport, make people like you.

– avoid being different, behave just like them, wear just like them, talk, look, live just like them, blend in.

behave in such a way that people won’t believe any lies about you

have supports from the higher ups.

– if you cannot visualize, or cannot believe that you will get there, you won’t get there. so, visualize the place you’ll end up, believe that you’ll get it, you will then be there.


note: this will be accumulated lessons over the years, I shall keep revisitng this post and add onto the list as I go along in life.


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