4th October 2019

Another thing … I am entrepreneurial. I love business. I love working. And of course, I love the rewards from working. I enjoy producing things.



What defines me, I am an adult child abused survivor. Day to day, I must learn my lessons… I overcome many difficult past. Although I survived but now, I must thrive.

This is a chronicle on someone who has gone through a lot of shits in life, start a little late in life because of that, committed to personal and professional development, and is serious about being frugal and building wealth.

I write down my lessons, to remind myself.

Watch your thoughts, they lead to attitudes

Watch your attitudes, they lead to words

Watch your words, they lead to actions

Watch your actions, they lead to habits

Watch your habits, they form your character

Watch your character, it determines your destiny.


23rd July 2018:

I shall be good, so that I earn the good ones.

I shall work efficiently, keep good relationships with clients, so I move up.

I shall understand the bigger picture, behave with wisdom and maturity, so I move up.

I shall seek to understand (and verify) the spoken (unspoken) so that I move up.

i shall be a good company for people around me.

i shall keep my standard up so i attract the right forces around me and create the right environment for me.



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